Frequently Asked Questions

What grade levels and courses does TOCS Online offer?
TOCS Online has classes available for students in grades 6-12.  In addition to the core classes, TOCS Online also offers Dual-Credit (classes that count for high school and college) and AP courses.

Can students pick the classes they want?
TOCS Online is about meeting the needs of our member schools; therefore, a student requiring a course at a higher or lower level will not be a problem.  There is no extra charge for this.  TOCS Online wants to keep students challenged, engaged, and growing.

How long do classes last?
Students have one year to complete all courses; however, most classes can be completed in a much shorter time.  The pace is entirely up to the student.

In terms of hours per day, course length will vary.  TOCS Online courses should not last more than 45 minutes per day, per class, for the average student. 

How much contact will I have with a teacher? 
Teachers must respond to student questions within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).  When teachers contact students, students are expected to respond within a similar time.  Students can contact the teachers as necessary, even if it exceeds the basic communication requirements.

Does TOCS Online provide textbooks?
Most TOCS Online materials are web-based, except for certain books that can be borrowed from the library or purchased online.  Courses that may require the purchase of an additional textbook are typically English and Dual-Credit courses.

How do TOCS Online courses work?
TOCS Online courses are asynchronous-meaning there are no live meeting times during which all students and their teacher must be online together.  Students read lessons, watch short educational video clips, do research, work on and submit assignments, participate in group projects, and contribute to class discussion threads at times that are convenient for them.  Meeting due dates and corresponding with teachers will help students stay on track, and allow them to receive the feedback necessary to stay engaged and learning.

Are TOCS Online courses accredited?
Institutions are accredited not courses.  However, TOCS Online is powered by Sevenstar Academy which is built on an award-winning, biblically integrated curriculum.

What internet speeds are needed TOCS Online courses?
High-speed internet access is preferred.  TOCS Online will function with a dial-up connection; however, it is not a recommended option due to its slow speed.  Our online courses involve watching videos and downloading files, which will be much more difficult with a dial-up connection.

How do I access the videos with a course?
QuickTime must be installed to access course videos.  QuickTime is available as a free download at

Why do I have a problem logging in?
If you are sent back to the login page after trying to start a course lesson, the problem is likely related to the cookie setting in your web browser.  You will need to adjust the web browser to always permit session cookies.

The following directions may help you correct the cookie settings within Internet Explorer (IE).
1.  Open your IE browser and choose "Tools" from the pull down menu.
2.  Select "Internet Options" and choose the "Privacy" tab.
3.  Click on the "Advanced" button.
4.  Check "Override automatic cookie handling" and "Always allow session cookies."  (Note: Users can choose to Accept, Block, or Prompt for first-party cookies or third-party cookies).

If this does not solve the problem, please contact the TOCS Online program coordinator by calling 817-596-2711 and asking for Matt.  You can also send an email to

What should I do if I forgot/lost my user name and password?
Contact our online program coordinator by calling 817-596-2711 and asking for Matt.  He can also be reached by email at

Who should I contact if I'm having technical difficulties?
Contact our online program coordinator by calling 817-596-2711 and asking for Matt.  He can also be reached by email at  He will typically be available by telephone during normal office hours Monday-Friday.  If your problem occurs after office hours, send him an email.

What are the technological requirements for using TOCS Online?

General Information:

* American Online (AOL or AIM email addresses) and Netscape will not work with your online courses and cannot be used.  No course mail messages or other system generated emails can be forwarded to AOL, AIM or Netscape.

* Windows 2000 is not supported and cannot be used

* Hardware support is not provided

All users are required to have, at a minimum, the computer requirements listed below to successfully work within the online environment. Whether they use a PC or Macintosh, a user's computer must meet or exceed the following specifications. The academy does not provide these items.

PC (Windows):
- Pentium II processor (233MHz minimum, higher recommended)
At least Windows XP operating system (Windows 2000 or older is not supported)
512 MB RAM
- 12x CD-Rom drive
- B
roadband Internet access > 1.5mbps
- Monitor d
isplay setting 1024x768
- P
- B
ackup/save method (CD-Rom, flash drive)
Microsoft Office software (or compatible... must be able to open .ppt, .doc, .rtf files types)
- Web browser - At least Explorer v7, or Firefox 3.0 
(Explorer v6 and older and Safari are not supported - they will not work in the course environment)
- At least Flash Player 9
 & Shockwave 11

At least 
Power Mac G3 processor
OS 10.4 (Tiger) operating system or later
256 MB RAM
- 12x CD-Rom drive
Broadband Internet access > 1.5mbps
- Monitor display setting 1024x768
- Printer
- B
ackup/save method (CD-Rom, flash drive)
Microsoft Office (for Macintosh) software (or compatible... must be able to open .ppt, .doc, .rtf files types)
- Web browser - Firefox 3.0 or later 
(Safari is not supported - it will not work in the course environment)
- Flash Player 9
 & Shockwave 11

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